Record Haul: Wanda Jackson


Today, by complete accident, I made a nice Wanda Jackson haul. I didn’t get them at a store or sale, but by mail. Jackson’s records are difficult to find and you often find the same ones over and over again. They are also quite expensive and rare. I ordered these at separate times on eBay, and they all happened to be in my mail today. Just love opening up that PO box to those little slips!

I received 1964’s Two Sides of Wanda, 1968’s The Many Moods of Wanda Jackson, and 1971’s I Gotta Sing. I am currently trying to complete a Wanda Jackson vinyl collection (I’m about 10 away). Although, each one of these albums had songs I wanted to hear including “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “If I Had a Hammer,” “Fever,” and “Yakety-Yak.”

I am super proud of Wanda Jackson, as my post a month ago expressed. She was a pioneer of rock and roll for men and women alike. She is the reigning queen of rock and roll, and she is a born and raised Okie! I have albums dating back to the 50’s all the way to 2012 that possess her timeless voice. There isn’t one that I don’t like. She is truly a legend. I hope to one day see this magnificent lady in concert and maybe even ask her to sign one of her records.

Or maybe I’ll just run into her at the grocery store.

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