CONCERT: Lionel Richie, Runnin’ All Night Long

I truly experienced an amazing concert. I’ve never felt so easy watching a show. Although, there was a lot of dancing, some were ballerinas, while others were just up on the ceiling. The artist was stuck on you, as if you were the only one in the whole arena. It was worth every penny.

Just in case you were wondering, on Saturday evening, Tulsa Oklahoma’s Hard Rock Casino hosted the show Lionel Richie: All the Hits, All Night Long tour. I had IMG_5040purchased VIP tickets so that my mom and I would be able to meet him and get a picture. She’s been a fan longer then I’ve been alive, and I couldn’t pass it up either. I let him know that I had been a fan since the womb.

It was a full brick house. It was a completely sold out event. Mr. Richie opened the concert with “Just for You” and then immediately headed into his hits with “Penny Lover.” He covered every spectrum of his musical career, from his early Commodore days to “Hello” and beyond.

I have never felt so much energy in a concert hall. From the moment Lionel set foot on stage everybody was up. Even during his slow songs you would stand and belt them out. He moves just as if he was still a Commodore. Throughout the concert he made a point to share stories, talk with the audience, and even play a prank.

And boy was it a mean one for me.

IMG_5080Right before he went into “Endless Love (one of my favorite songs for many reasons),” he said that he had called his friend, Diana. You know, Ms. Ross? Well, he had supposedly asked her to come join him at this concert. I had seen Ross early this year in the Hard rock, so to my logic, that made perfect sense. After I finished screaming and yelling shut up, he ended the joke by telling us all she had said…no. I would pay money just to see that song live. That prank played heavily with my emotions.

My favorite song of the night was “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady.” He said he wrote this song for his mom. One day his dad came home and wanted to toast his mom. He said three beautiful things about her and a song was born. Richie said his dad was always trying to get the royalties off of that song. Since I was with my mom, I found the moment particularly touching.

Ok, sorry, no more mushy gushy stuff.

I have been to many concerts of older performers and newer, but this concert will stick outIMG_5137 as one of the best. There was no disappointment in the show. The band was fun and interactive, the videos and set were spectacular, and then Lionel himself was pretty much flawless. I don’t think that his voice has aged at all.

In the end, I could have stayed all night long. He closed the show with an encore of “We Are the World,” of which he dedicated to his late friend Michael Jackson. This placed everybody in the arena on the same page, and it was chilling hearing that many people sing this legendary song.

You know you’ve been to a good concert when your body feels completely worn out as you walk out of the auditorium. Mr. Richie was able to connect with his audience and when you walked out that door, you actually felt you knew him personally. That is the true essences of a good concert. That is the essence of a good performer.

IMG_5142He also broke a few no autographs rules for me and signed my album cover. As I sail on I will always have this reminder of a great concert.



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