Eisley: Currents

Alternative Press said “Make no mistake: Eisley are still crafting atmospheric, enchanting indie pop” when reviewing Currents back in May…here’s my review.

Listening to an Eisley album is unlike listening to any other band. From a band that shares their life with their fans (Eisley babies, anyone?), their music is often poignantly vulnerable and transparent, revealing their triumphs and struggles. Currents lives up to its name with atmospheric ethereal melodies and sweeping rhythms and lyrics that plunge to the depths of the human experience. I ordered my copy of Currents through Eisley’s web store as a pre-order deal. FYI colored vinyl lovers, it is a beautiful hazy teal colored transparent vinyl.


From first listen “Save My Soul,” “Real World,” and “Wonder English” were instant favorites.  Lyrically, I gasped a few times at how good they were, just beautiful and powerful. Each song has meaningful lyrics that touch on love, redemption, and loyalty:

“Life, mankind, space, travel time
Oh demons in the dark
Oh I will never let them tear us apart” -Wonder English

As with most albums, the slow burn songs–ones that you don’t quite “get” at first listen end up being the ones that you repeat in the long-run. Two such songs are “Blue Fish” and “Lost Enemies.” With the soaring vocals “Blue Fish” is a beautiful coming-of-age narrative about a girl looking back on when she was young and seeing the influence and image of someone in hindsight–most likely a divine Someone:

“When I was young, oh I found you in my heart
Oh I found you in my smile
When I was young…Hallelujah” -Blue Fish

DSC_0404One may notice a distinctly spiritual feel of the lyrics as the Christian beliefs of the DuPrees, as well as religious imagery, naturally surface through their music, which plays out beautifully to the theme of Love saving us. For the listener “Love” could be anything. It could be a human love or divine love–a relationship that pulls you out of a dark time or simply the salvation of your soul. The great thing about Eisley lyrics is that their narratives are fluid and accommodate either story–you can easily put your own story inside of their songs. The overwhelming redemptive feel of the record leaves one feeling hopeful.

And of course I am only scratching the surface of all the complexities of this album. Check it out for yourself and comment below to tell us what your favorite song is off Currents.

Blue Fish
Drink the Water
Save My Soul
Real World
Wicked Child
Find Me Here
Wonder English
Lost Enemies
The Night Comes

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Check out their newest music video below for Currents: