How to: Catalog Your Record Collection

Once you reach a certain point, taking inventory of your vinyl collection becomes essential. If you’ve ever accidentally bought the same record twice because of a fantastic deal, you know the importance of having a current inventory of your collection. It is also important to assess the quality and condition of the records in your collection so you know what to shop for or trade for something you’ll enjoy more.

Thankfully, there are plenty of methods of keeping track of your collection, and there really isn’t any right or wrong way to catalog your record collection…

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We live in the digital age, after all. I’ve found that the easiest way to keep track of my record collection is a spreadsheet on Google Drive. It syncs with all my devices, and I can view it from my phone if need be. Most of my vinyl-enthusiast friends have Word documents or Excel spreadsheets detailing the titles and other information of their prized record collection.

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Wouldn’t if be great if there was a website like Goodreads except for vinyl collections? Turns out, there are a few! I just joined Discogs because it has some really useful features, including Wantlists, an option to buy/sell on their Marketplace, and a database of information (so you don’t have to fill in anything, just search!). It also has a value calculator that will estimate the value of your collection–kinda cool!



Knowing what you have is useless if your physical collection isn’t somehow organized. Whether it’s alphabetized, arranged by color, chronologically, or autobiographically, organizing your collection ensures that you can find your favorite albums ASAP.

Did I miss anything? Share your methods/ritual in the comments section!

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