Top Five Favorite Album Covers

These are my top five favorite album covers from my private record collection. The music contained within may or may not be my favorite, but the album art is stellar. In no particular order…

1. The Beatles- Hey Jude
I love this photo so much. It probably spawned all the era-themed band photo shoots we see so much today.

2. Neutral Milk Hotel- On Avery Island
Colorized black and white photo, carnival theme, yes!

3. The Clash- London Calling
I’ve mentioned this album before because of it’s punk rock take on Elvis Presley’s first album cover. It’s a classic.

4. Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin
There might be a black and white or vintage photography theme to this list, but this contrast-y historic photo of the Hindenburg zeppelin burning is a great tribute to the airship and namesake of the band Led Zeppelin.

5. White Stripes- De Stijl
If you know me at all, you know that I love the art movement De Stjil. And an album cover paying tribute to such a great style is worth the purchase price.

What are your favorite album covers in your collection? 

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