Presenting…new Midlake

Check out Midlake’s new music video that premiered yesterday on Stereogum…click below.


ANTIPHON is Midlake’s first music video since their new musical direction after the exit of Tim Smith. Personally, I absolutely love the psychedelic styling. The video absolutely fits the feel of the song and hints to the vibe felt at a live show. In a genre where the attitude is important, they are gold with a perfect combination of “disinterested shoe gazers” and “zoned-out psychedelic jam band.” As always, Midlake does it with finesse that leaves you wondering if they just stepped out of a time machine from the 70s.

*Also, less than two weeks until ANTIPHON the album releases on November 5 (available on VINYL)! I’ll be waiting by my mailbox if anyone needs me.

Rating: 4/5

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