Albums I wish were on vinyl…

Every now and then I hear an album I wish was on vinyl. Here is a quick list of my top five.

1. Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folks “Over Land & Sea”

I downloaded this pretty little album off of Noisetrade last week and have enjoyed it every since. The album album art is fantastic with hand-painted illustrations and a poster…I was mesmerized after only seeing a PDF of the CD booklet. It would be amazing to translate to a 2xLP deluxe edition or box set.

Order the deluxe CD edition here.

2. Diane Birch “Speak A Little Louder”

Last week my sister sent me a Spotify link to listen to Dian Birch’s new album…this one would be perfect for vinyl!! With her soulful funky retro sound, this album was made to spin at 33rpm, but sadly it has yet to be pressed.

3. I Can Make a Mess (like nobody’s business) “The World We Know”

I first heard I Can Make A Mess on tour with Copeland for their Farewell tour in 2010, and I loved them and bought their CD. However, this beautiful album by the one-man-band-wonder Ace Enders would be perfect to listen to on vinyl with its “the whole album is one song” feel. Experience the first half of it below…

I won’t despair because their newest album is available on colored vinyl.

4. Midlake “Bamnan and Slivercork”

Bamnan and Slivercork is the only full-length album by Midlake yet to be pressed to vinyl. And it’s a lo-fi noise pop classic. Need I say more?

5. Eisley “Combinations”

Combinations is the only Eisley album yet to be pressed to vinyl. It also has my all-time favorite song by the band on it “I Could Be There for You.”

Here’s to hoping that these gems make it on vinyl someday!!

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