Divorce should never keep one from speaking! Let alone singing! Don’t you talk to your ex?

Well, unfortunately, the members of ABBA do not have the same feelings I do. They have clearly stated that they will not be performing together again.

Thank goodness it doesn’t take away their recordings.

Why does so much great music come from across the pond? ABBA is a group known for their dance-worthy hits. ABBA consisted of two couples, Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha (Anna) Fältskog and Benny Andersson and Frida Lyngstad. Their music is legendary. They are members of the Rock and Roll of Fame. Their music has even inspired the musical Mama Mia!

But they won’t take a chance and let us see them in concert.

This week I decided to listen to their late 1970’s album, Voulez-Vous. This translates to “do you want?” in French. This album is pure Europop topped with American disco. Ulvaeus and Andersson wrote every song. I love the epic harmonies, composition, and sheer style of ABBA. The album is quite enjoyable, although at times I found it hard to differentiate between songs.

WikipediaThe opening track is “As Good As it Gets.” This song is just plain funky. I usually get up and move my needle back for a second go-round of this tune. Immediately after you go into the album’s title track “Voulez-Vous.” This is what I would presume would be a disco club hopper. I found myself digging in my closet for my leisure suit, then I realized that I’m only in my twenties and don’t have one.

Side A concludes with “The King Has Lost His Crown,” a disco power jam. Favorite lyric: “Was it hard to step down from your throne and to know tonight you’re all alone?”

Side B opens with “Does Your Mother Know?” This was one of ABBA’s big hits, but there is one extreme difference from this song compared to others. The lead vocals are not performed by one of the female members, but by Ulvaeus. Although, they do provide great harmony (as always) in the chorus. As the vinyl continues spinning, ABBA’s hit “Chiquitita,” comes up, a Spanish spiced, disco-infused dance tune.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite ABBA album, but I do feel this album is the beginning of ABBA’s eventual decline. They released two more albums after this, and they contained some hits, but nothing as iconic as “Dancing Queen” or “Voulez-Vous.”

It is only fitting that ABBA has had many tribute bands and their songs have been covered by multiple artists. Their legacy is set, especially in the genre of dance, but unfortunately, they showed me music can’t solve everything.

They can’t make you talk to your ex.

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