Icy Record Haul

If you live in Oklahoma, you know that it has been pretty snowy and icy the last few days, especially in central and southern Oklahoma.  I decided before it got too icy to go out and visit a few of my favorite record stores, Guestroom Records and Trolley Stop Record Shop. I was pretty excited about my finds.

I have recently taken a great interest in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I was looking photo 1 (3)through the inductees and I realized there are a lot of trailblazing artists that I have not heard or written about. I first took interest in LaVern Baker.

I immediately assumed that she had been inducted for her contributions to soul and R&B, a very shallow judgment on my part. It turns out that she made major contributions to Rock and Roll. After reading her bio, I really wanted to find some of her vinyl. I found one compilation vinyl at Guestroom in the just in bin. To say the least, I was very excited.

I then headed over to Trolley Stop Record Shop. Every time I go into Trolley, I find a lot of records I want.  I have to go in with a money limit or else I am liable to spend goodness knows what. I have to ask myself, food or vinyl?

Jon, the record store owner, always let’s me know what bins to look through. He’s got my music taste down pretty good and knows where to direct me. I began digging through his new bins and found a Muddy Waters album. I had to have it, because I recently saw Buddy Guy in concert and he spoke of Waters during the show. 

photo 2 (3)While there, I also found a still-sealed vintage, Martha and the Vandellas album. I have been looking for one of their albums for quite awhile now. This was their forth album on the Motown subsidiary, Gordy.  They are also Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

Finally, I found a Dusty Springfield album in one of Jon’s piles he was processing. He gave me an excellent deal on the whole set of records that I found. I’m going to have to go back next time I get paid. There were so many I still wanted to purchase.

I then rushed home before all the ice hit and the streets froze. Now it was just my vinyl and me. Nothing keeps you warmer then a good record.

Always listening,


Record Haul

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Christian. Oklahoman. American. Vinyl enthusiast.

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