Review: A Sunday Smile, Beirut

Beirut The Flying Club Cup (2007)

For fans of: Neutral Milk Hotel, Midlake, the Decemberists, Fleet Foxes


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I first discovered Beirut through Spotify’s “Similar Artists” suggestion feature (similar to Midlake). Their old-fashioned album cover piqued my interest, and I gave them a listen. After a few listens their similar vocal delivery to Midlake hooked me, but the similarities ended there.

Beirut is a unique band, led by Zach Codon, composer, instrumentalist, singer, and storywriter (see accompanying story on back cover). The band’s genre is difficult to pin down with the likes of mariachi, folk, and Parisian influences. Because of this their sound feels nomadic, yet decidedly European (according to their Wikipedia, it is “Balkan Folk”). No matter, Beirut’s sophomore album is an enjoyable listen. Stand-out tracks include “Nantes,” “A Sunday Smile,” and “Cliquot.” I look forward to listening to their other albums.

What would you call their genre? Are you a fan? Check out the video and tell us.


Source: Beirut Band


  1. A Call to Arms
  2. Nantes
  3. A Sunday Smile
  4. Guyamas Sonora
  5. La Banlieue
  6. Cliquot
  7. The Penalty
  8. Forks and Knives (La FĂȘte)
  9. In the Mausoleum
  10. Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)
  11. Cherbourg
  12. St. Apollonia
  13. The Flying Club Cup

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