TOP 5 Christmas Wishes: For Her

At a loss for what to buy the lady in your life who fancies listening to her music on an analog format? Forget Spotify Premium gift cards, check out my wishlist of nostalgic goodies for ideas on what to buy the special lady in your life:


 1. Grado RS2i Reference Series headphones (Amazon)- Audiophile-quality headphones for your audiophile girlfriend, that is all.

2. Fujifilm X100S Digital Camera (Adorama)- Is your girl crazy about photography? This digital camera has the retro look of a Leica at a fraction of the price. Plus, my photographer friends LOVE their X100s’s!

3. Vinyl Record inspired earrings (Etsy)- If she loves earrings and loves vinyl, you can’t lose with buying her these earrings.

4. Analog Nights Screen Print (Aimee Wilder)- This hand-screened, limited-edition print print is perfect for the girl who loves art and music.

5. Midlake Antiphon T-shirt (Big Cartel)- Is there one band that she totally love, has bought their albums on vinyl (twice) and traveled out-of-state to see them live? Buy her a tee from her favorite band’s merchandise stash…

View my unabridged wish list here. Girls, what do you have on your list? Let me know: comment below!

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