Where Have You Been Bruno?

I have longed heard of the legendary album The Return of Bruno. Well, I finally found it in the new release bin at Guestroom Records. Thank goodness I got there fast or I would have missed this gem!

I will never understand why Bruce Willis didn’t pursue a full time musical career. I’m amazed at his vocal talent and his addicting hooks he makes with his harmonica. He even has one song writing credit! The talent is endless!

Do you see what I did there?

I acted, just like Bruce Willis.

Give me an Oscar.

In all honesty, this album leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, maybe it just shouldn’t have eil.combeen made.  There are to many odd things about this album. For starters, this may come as a shock to some, but Bruce Willis is not a singer, unless you count the guy at the karaoke bar a Grammy award winner.

This album was to act as a companion to a comedic fictional HBO documentary about legendary jazz musician, Bruno Radolini, Willis’ alter ego. What made Motown pick up it’s soundtrack, I will never know. It includes backing vocals from the likes of The Temptations and Booker T. Jones. Willis also covers such classic hits like “Respect Yourself” and “Under the Boardwalk.” This must be where Garth Brooks got the Chris Gaines idea.

The liner notes even have a “thank you” note from Bruno himself, telling how he found success in Hollywood. I hate to say it, but I really could not find a gem on this record, which says something. At least I found one song I liked on that dreadful Allman and Woman album, but there were some tolerable moments.

bruce-willis-tears-of-the-sunThere was one Billboard top 10 hit, “Respect Yourself.” If there was going to be a hit, it would have to be this one. There were two more singles, but they did not fare as well.

Most songs have the same themes: picking up women, being with women, drinking, and (insert action) with women.  Oh, and that one song about secret agent men mixed with a James Bond song.

I am not sure where Bruno lost himself, but I am glad he brought back Willis. He has made some great movies and his acting career is still going. I am a fan of the actor Bruce Willis, I just feel this album may need to die…hard.





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