Weekend Record Finds . . . Last Weekend

Last weekend I made my rounds at local record shops and flea markets. I’ve become more and more picky about what I will purchase so I’ve actually been saving a lot of money lately, but this weekend I found some pretty interesting finds. It made me want to visit Gary, Indiana.

My first find came at a flea market over in Midwest City. I don’t make my way over to photo 1this area often, to be honest it was only my second time visiting this market. There are a couple decent record booths and I decided it had been long enough for them to turnover enough for there to be new vinyl.

In their “New Arrivals” bin there were a substantial amount of picture discs. I am a sucker for picture discs. It was a tough decision between the Barry Manilow and Jacksons record, but they eventually won the Victory. The Jacksons released victory in 1984 under the Epic label. I didn’t notice this at the time of purchase, but there are actually 6 Jacksons on the cover. After a little research, I found that this is the only record where all 6 Jackson brothers are included.

This album was a hit, but it had a contentious background. The brothers, who hadn’t work together in years and had significant solo work (Michael had just released Thriller), hit some traction in the decision making process. That is why all the album art is done by an artist. No Christmas cards went out from the Jackson family that year.

photo 3After leaving the flea market I decided to visit The Rink in Bethany. They always have a good record selection, their just not organized well so you have to have quite a bit of free time to get through the bins. I did not find any success in the bins, but I decided to give the rest of the antique store a look. While I was looking through their glass cases I found an interesting “Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5” greatest hits picture disk!

I quickly asked to see it. The album is comprised of the signature Jackson 5 hits. But the picture disc was not the only treat in this package. It also came with a foldout poster and, more importantly, a glove! I couldn’t resist this Motown gem, although I had every song off the album. You just don’t get a new dancing glove with every record purchase. My last dancing glove had just worn out and now I had found a two for one special!

Spinnin’ and Dancin,’


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