VINYL PLAYLIST: January’s Top Five Picks

I have decided to provide you with my musical summary for this month. It contains some new vinyl as well as old. This is basically what I have been spending the most of my time listening to this month. I’m finding that it is quite an eclectic selection.

1. Buddy Holly, The Story of Buddy Holly and The Great Buddy Holly

This month I read a biography over Buddy Holly entitled Not Fade Away by John Gribbin. ThisMI0001766933 book touches very briskly on the surface of Holly’s career, but it has really sparked my interest. I have had these two records for awhile and had not listened to them before. I also learned many interesting facts about Holly from the documentary The Real Buddy Holly Story. It was produced by Paul McCartney after The Buddy Holly Story movie came out but was filled with inaccuracies. Watch it here:

2. Rosanne Cash, The River and The Thread

Rosanen-Cash-The-River-The-ThreadThis album was released just a few weeks ago on January 14th. It has quickly become one of my favorite albums. Rosanne and her husband, John Leventhal, wrote all the songs on the album. The songs are intended to be third person narratives over their travels throughout the south while Rosanne was helping the University of Arkansas restore her father’s childhood home. With my highest regards, I suggest this album.

3. Michael Jackson and The Jacksons, Bad and Victory

In my previous post I mentioned finding a vintage picture disk of The photo 1Jackson’s Victory. It’s a bit addicting. It sounds like a relative of Michael Jackson’s Thrillerbut it’s not nearly as Epic. After listening to this album I had to bust out my favorite Michael record, Bad. It just doesn’t get much better then “Dirty Diana,” “Just Another Part of Me,” and “Bad.”

4. Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose

This album has also quickly become one of my favorite albums. I find something new about it every time I listen to it. Jack White amazes me how he can resurrect artists, keeping both their tradition and updating them to today.  Read my full review here:

A Bouquet,

5. Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, A Star is Born

A+Star+Is+Born+Barbra+Streisand++Kris+KristofIt’s obvious if you follow the blog, that I have been listening to this album lately. I just wrote a full review. To be honest though, I’m not a fan of the whole album. My favorite tunes are “The Woman in The Moon” and Streisand’s finale. Just scroll down a story and you can find my full opinion.

Honorable Mentions: The Beatles, Jan and Dean, and Anita Bryant.

This is what has been spinning on my turntable this month. How about yours? Please let me know what you’ve been listening to in the comments!

Spinnin’ and Spinnin,’


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