VINYL REVIEW: The Judds, Why Not Me?

This post reaches far back into my life. It retrieves memories from when I was only a mere three years old. You see, my dad was a country music DJ and there was this one song that had a bit of a repetitive phrase with brilliant stylization.

“Why don’t you tell me why-y-y-y, I can’t say goodbye-y-y-y.”

Now some early 90’s country fans know exactly what dazzling red head sang this Judds 95823rtFNL3song. It was the incomparable, the amazing, the show stopping, the legendary Wynonna Judd. I can honestly say she sang my first favorite song. Now I have binders full of favorite songs.

As any true Wynonna Judd fan does, I had to get all her early “The Judds” recordings. There is something magical about her and her mama’s, Naomi, soothing melodies. At times it was like Naomi was telling Wynonna, “I’ve been there,” while maybe Wynonna was “just going there.”

And I loved that dang red party dress that Naomi always paraded around in. It just makes me smile. (I’m pretty sure I have a VHS of one of their concerts…)


So for this post, I wanted to discuss their landmark debut album, Why Not Me. It’s odd how the title song works in me. Every few months I just find myself asking ,”whynot me on rainy day?” and then the inevitable happens. The record is busted out and I can’t stop listening for weeks.

Of course, one of my top picks on this album is “Why Not Me?” but every song is a Judds gem. Each song plays into the next. Side A is full of breakup songs. “Mr. Pain” and “Drops of Water” are creative love songs built around heartbreak.

Apparently, Mr. Pain causes a lot of water to fall from your eyes. He also leaves his boots behind. Beware ladies.

Side B is comprised of more upbeat songs that require a party dress to listen to. This side initially breaks into “Bye Bye Baby Blues” and then into “Girls Night Out.” They had a complete change in attitude just a flip over. I believe two of the Judds’ biggest and most profound songs are found on this side. For one, the record concludes with “Mama He’s Crazy.” This is a landmark classic that will always find itself among the best country music songs of all time.

My favorite song off this album has to be “Love is Alive.” It explores how love isn’t just a word or emotion. It is something that lives within us. This song goes hand in hand with their later hit, “Love Can Build a Bridge.” What a better duo then a mother and daughter to sing this moving melody? I have no fancy words. I just love it.

So lastly, my question to Wynonna and Naomi is “Why not you?” You are both beautiful ladies inside and out and sing like you permanently belong on the Grand Ole Opry stage, The Judds’ music has moved millions. They will always be one of my all time favorites.


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