A Bittersweet Haul

Today started out quite early for a Saturday. I woke up around an odd 7:40 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided what any young person would decide to do when they wake up that early on a Saturday…..go garage/estate sell exploring!

photo 2As vinyl collectors well know, you can find some of your brightest gems digging through someone’s old record collection. Often times, the sellers find them worthless and just want to get rid of them. One time I found them for 10 cents a piece.

Disappointedly, this time I did not find any good sales. So I decided to visit a flea market over in Midwest City, a few miles from OKC, to explore. I remembered from previous visits that there were two exceptional vinyl booths and each vendor loved making deals.

Sadly, they were really willing to make really good deals today. Tomorrow is the last day the flea market will be open, then it will shut its doors. I am upset they are closing down, but I sure did love the great deals I got on around 40 new records.

photo 1I found vinyls from all over the spectrum. Everything from Ella to Loretta to Ray and Belafonte. I was able to find an album of many of my favorites. I was especially excited to find a new Diana Ross and The Supremes, Eydie Gorme, and Herman’s Hermits.

I also found new favorites, including Connie Francis and Brenda Lee. I found both “Connie’s Greatest Hits” and “Jealous Heart.” Her voice is so pure and vulnerable, yet it has shelves of strength. After doing some research, I found that she has quite the inspirational story. She was the first female international pop star.

I was taken aback by Brenda Lee’s album “All Alone Am I.” She sang some of my
favorite standards including “By Myself” and “Come Rain or Come Shine.” This album took a complete turn around to what you would commonly hear Brenda Lee sing.

photo 3And I can’t forget one of my favorite Okies, Ms. Reba McEntire (Sadly all Wanda Jackson’s I found I already had)!!

It was a great record haul, but I am saddened that it will be my last trip to the Golden Goose Flea Market. I have found some great vinyls out there and it’s always sad to see a business close. But on the bright side, at least I was able to save money by going out there today…….or is it the other way around…..



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