NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Stopping in The Tropics…Now Moving on

Art must never stop.

Music must always keep going. There will never be a perfect song. There will never be perfect lyrics. There will never be the perfect composition, but we must move on.

It is not often you find a song that plays to this subject, but I found The Tropics new The Tropics_Sleepless Videorelease, “Sons and Daughters,” addressing this very situation. The song addresses it in every way possible.

The Tropics are a band based out of San Francisco, CA. As stated on their website,  “Sons and Daughters plunges into the deep end of the final years in a classic coming of age story – years in which the nights are long and, for the first time, the potential for regret is fearfully discovered.”

Regret. A concept that goes hand in hand with progress.

Claire George’s vocals have a hint of anger, frustration, but most importantly, through regret, she has found a new identity. This is also highlighted through the “distance” you feel when listening to her vocals. She is singing right in your ear, yet the message is coming out of a well. The listener must discover it and make it their own, thus furthering this songs impact beyond a single message.

trop-sd-smThe composition of the music has the same effect. The song contains great guitar rifts, yet there is a rhythmic element that is knocking on dance’s door. It also shows through the songs complete change in deposition between the verses and chorus.

Through the expressed regret in this song, there is a glimmer of hope. Although it may not be explicitly laid out in the lyrics, the message is one of moving forward and to create something new. The essence of music and art.

The combination is excellent. The new found artistry is apparent. But you can’t catch the message.

It keeps moving on.

Watch the brilliant video, that was shot in 48 hours here by Bangers + Mash (


And don’t forget, if you’re in San Francisco or the surrounding area, The Tropics are having a release show this Thursday at El Rio. BE THERE.



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