What’s in the Box? (Third Man Vault 21)

In late June I was notified that my Vault subscription had charged my bank account for the forthcoming package. At that time, the contents of the package had not been disclosed so anticipation was high! Since moving to D.C., I am somewhat restricted in record shopping avenues (read: I don’t like to walk more than 1 mile away from a metro stop) so I am very glad to have the Vault subscription to add collectible titles to my record collection.

After 5 long months, my Vault 21 package finally arrived. (We can thank over-demand of record pressing plants for the long turn-around). According to Third Man, the package would include a Third Man Flag, an exclusive White Stripes live album recorded in Japan and a new Dead Weather single and B-side. Third Man album packaging is always a treat so let’s see what’s inside! (SLIDESHOW)

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