Four Gems by Black Icons in Honor of Black Heritage Month

To Be Young, Gifted and Blindian

All throughout Black Heritage Month, many important icons are honored. Activists, educators, politcians, musicians and the like are celebrated as they should be. Black music has been a staple in American culture for nearly three centuries. Here are some amazing gems from some great Black artists to jam out to for the month. These songs are all significant during the time they were made. Enjoy!


“A Night In Tunisia”
Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan is ultimate R&B diva. She has performed many covers and excelled at each and every one. One of her best is “A Night in Tunisia” in which she just added words to the composition originally performed by jazz great Dizzy Gillespie.

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“Straighten Up and Fly Right”
Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole lives in history as one of the greatests performers that ever lived. He was classy and suave and had an amazing television prescence. Cole was…

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