Vinyl Playlist: Your Post Valentine’s Day Playlist

Check out my latest Valentine’s Day playlist here.

Another year has come and with that year has come another Valentine’s day. While all my friends seem to get married or find themselves in long-term relationships, I still find myself sitting alone with my record collection.

As I have become more independent in my thinking and thoughts, I have also become a tad sour. I now love going out to eat by myself, but now the couple across the way really wears me out. I go to a movie and see a couple, and I have a gag reflex. If I see one more marriage album I might burn it!

Ok, so really I am just all out bitter.

For this post Valentine’s day playlist I have collected some of my favorite love songs. I hope you enjoy.

  1. “Down With Love” -Judy Garland

This one perfectly sums up my feelings on love and all its friends. For my life the moon is wrapped cellophane. I refuse to be a member of boo-hoomanity any longer.

2. “Goody, Goody” -Della Reese

Basically the 1936 version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone.” If this is all I have to look forward to than love is not for me!!

3. “My Big Iron Skillet” -Wanda Jackson

I am not much of a cooker but skillet’s sound a lot more attractive than silk. Here’s more on this song.

4. “The Walk” -Mayer Hawthorne

Guns and ammo? I can’t think of a better combination.

5. “My Coloring Book” -Bobby Rydell

Then there is heartbreak. I now refer you back to number 1.

In the end, I truly hope everybody had an amazing Valentines day as reflected in the songs I have chosen. If you’re down with love, and cooked with a big iron skillet yesterday, goody goody!

Now I am going to take a walk to my coloring book. Oh, those are bullets not crayons you say?

I have equal use!

Love to all the lovers from your optimistic vinyl spinning friend.


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