ALBUM REVIEW: Judy Garland In Song

I recently realized that I have a lot of vinyl records. Some would say too many, but I say you never have enough vinyl. So I have decided to finally dust my selves and unearth the many gems I have yet to write about, thus I am starting a new series. Some reviews may be short, some long, but this will be a journey of rediscovering the music I already have on my selves.

In other words I’m broke and cannot buy any new records at the moment.

Presenting Post 1 in “Dusting My Selves:” Artist: Judy Garland Album: Judy Garland in Song

Everybody that knows me will tell you that I absolutely adore Judy Garland and her seemingly endless, multifaceted, unexplainable voice. She is by far one of my favorite artists and she is pretty damn close to being my down right, undisputed favorite.

I own many of Garland’s albums, from her Capital years to compilations to live performances. There isn’t much more I can write about this superstar. Yet, each Garland album spurs new emotions, thoughts, and insights into this magnificent performer. I just cannot keep them to myself.

Judy GarlandLast night I began my venture through Garland’s catalog with a compilation album, Judy Garland In Song. This is an album released of many “staple” songs from Garland’s MGM movie career released by Metro Records. This album was probably an effort to seize on the success of Garland’s performances post MGM.

This album covers everything from “Over The Rainbow” from The
Wizard of Oz
 to “Last Night When We Were Young” from In The Good Old Summertime. Oddly this collection leaves out “The Trolley Song” from Meet Me In St. Louis.

Each tune is a gem on this album with my favorites being “Get Happy” from Summer Stock, “You Can’t Get A Man With A Gun” from Annie Get Your Gun, of which Garland was unable to finish, and “I Don’t Care” again from In The Good Old Summertime. The songs take a journey through Garland’s voice from her adolescent years to early twenties, although they are not in order.

What struck me with this album is the emotional awareness Garland possessed at such an early age. Emotion is raw in Garland’s voice and that was apparent from the very beginning. This album also proved how versatile a performer and actress she was as well. Listening to songs from her movies back to back are nearly like listening to a chameleon sing!

To think that Garland was essentially just getting started when she recorded these songs is remarkable. We still nearly had two more decades of songs, performances, and films to come from this legendary artist. Garland and her voice were in their formative years at the point of these recordings. She still had a lot more in store for the world.

Key Tracks: “Over The Rainbow,” “Get Happy,” “You Made Me Love You”

Deep Cuts: “Better Luck Next Time,” “Last Night When We Were Young,” “Bel Mir Bist Du Schon”

Check out my interview with Judy Garland’s former assistant, Stevie Phillips. 

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