Live Music: My Love Letter to Kristin Chenoweth, A Review

Dear Miss Kristin Chenoweth,

Many years ago in my wonderful years of adolescence, you made me love you. I have to admit though, I did want to do it. My friend introduced me to you through the Wicked soundtrack. You see I wasn’t much in to Broadway yet, for I was still a little Oklahoma country boy.

That’s something we have in common. We are both from Oklahoma. Dare I say “Thunder Up?”

img_3512Well since then I have collected all of your albums and watched many of your TV appearances. Now it’s hard to fully keep up with Broadway when you can’t make it to NYC regularly, but I tried my best. I guess you could say you were always on my mind….or was I losing my mind?

Any hoo, last Sunday, I was able to see your one woman show My Love Letter to Broadway. It was a dream to see such a historic event and to finally see you solely in your own show. I now live close to NYC. Once you announced this engagement my heart-strings went zing and my credit card bill went up.

The show was simply brilliant. My skin was crawling in anticipation. I even arrived at the theater an hour before the doors opened! You then went straight into your humorous and well thought out “You Made Me Love.” Your version captured the child like essence Judy Garland gave it in the 1930’s, yet you gave it a seasoned entertainers flair and made the song your own, with many humorous stops along the way.

And I agree. You should have been Miss Oklahoma and 60 minutes is a good amount of time.

You then gave us Glinda around the world with “Popular.” What a great concept to give this song new breath! You sounded just like you did on the soundtrack 10 years ago. Do you age? It doesn’t sound or look like it.


The songs that brought you into a character really showed what a skilled actress you are. Your renditions of “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three” and “I’m Tired” from two distinctly different plays was very amusing and showcased your talent. Is there a role you can’t play?

Now I have to mention your version of “Bring Him Home” here. This song can not do wrong in your hands. I simply offer my applause.

Kristin Chenoweth performing during the Opening Night of Kristin Chenoweth - 'My Love Letter To Broadway' at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on November 2, 2016 in New York City.
Kristin Chenoweth performing during the Opening Night of Kristin Chenoweth – ‘My Love Letter To Broadway’ at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on November 2, 2016 in New York City. Courtesy of

When you sang “A House is Not A Home,” my heart sank. It was the most emotional version of that song I have ever heard. That song holds a very special place for me. This was another ode to you as an actress and pristine song interpreter. You didn’t sing that song in front of an audience, you lived it.


It is very hard to pick out a favorite number from the evening, but I truly loved “Upon This Rock.” Thank you for standing up for your faith while accepting others. I’m not sure if I have had that many goose bumps during a song ever. I didn’t listen to that song, I experienced it, and felt His spirit there with us right there on Broadway.

Lastly, I have to say that when I arrived at the theater I was pretty lonely. I don’t have a ton of friends in New York yet, so I came to the show alone. Although, you quickly obliterated that feeling with a “Big Gulp” and that hint of twang only us Okie’s can hear. I felt like you had transported me back home, especially through your song “Fifty Years,” which was a beautiful tribute to your parents. Through your many mentions of the heartland, I could feel the red dirt beneath my feet.

Thank you for an amazing show full of depth, humor, and quality.

Thank you for taking me back to Oklahoma right here in New York.

Thank you for giving your all on stage and leaving nothing.

I simply couldn’t be happier.

Sincerely, your loyal fan and fellow Okie,


P.S. Yes, us straight men did enjoy the view from the mezzanine.