CONCERT: Kris Kristofferson, A Profound Experience

Last week I wrote about Diana Ross’ nearly perfect show. Although, that was not the only show I saw that weekend. Sunday I had tickets to see Kris Kristofferson as well.

It was sensory overload.

Now it’s easy to see the stark differences in Diana Ross and Kris Kristofferson. I hope this speaks to my diversity or mental instability. I went from turning upside down to hanging with Bobby McGee within 48 hours. That’s quite a stretch.

I received an email from a friend a few weeks ago with a link to Kristofferson’s show at The City Winery in NYC. Now I’m not a Kristofferson expert, but the tickets seemed irresistible. Oddly, I grew up watching A Star is Born, and I knew some of his songs. He reminded me of home, so I decided to buy.

Kristofferson left me speechless. I didn’t know what to say about his show, and I still don’t. The only word that I can find to describe his set is profound. Every note he sang, every lyric he wrote, every look he gave the audience was simply profound.

He sang a staggering 28 songs. These songs ranged from his hits like “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and “For The Good Times,” while also touching on some minor musical milestones. From the moment he began to sing I could not take my attention away from the stage.

During his show, he seemed to profess wisdom while singing the same songs he has sung for years. Instead of coming at them from just experience, his demeanor also led to advice. This concert was set in a winery and I felt like it was my grandpa and I having drinks together. Kristofferson wanted to give me advice so that I could have a better tomorrow.

The entire show told a story. It was a concept show. Although, I don’t think Kristofferson meant it in that way at all. Each song was a chapter. Every topic he sang about came to a head at the end of the show with the songs “The Pilgrim: Chapter 33,” “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down,” “Jesus Was a Capricorn,” and “Why Me.” I believe these 5 songs, some of Kristofferson’s best, describe both the high and low of his life and the topics he struggles with. Life may be tough, but he is just happy to be alive.

It was a simple show. The stage was just adorned with Kristofferson, his guitar, and harmonica. What struck me the most in retrospect is how relevant his songs are today. They have passed over generations and he is still writing. He finds a way to explain timeless truths in a language that will never be antiquated.

Seeing him live is surreal and truly a profound experience.


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13 thoughts on “CONCERT: Kris Kristofferson, A Profound Experience”

  1. I would love to see this Gentleman in concert but I regret to say that as I live in the UK there is not much chance that I will. Joyce Guthrie.

    1. He’s playing at Glastonbury this year! I’ve also seen him in Glasgow 3 times, Hamilton Once and Edinburgh Once in the last few years. He never stops!

      If you’re really desperate to see him, have a look at his European dates for 2017 and book yourself a break away.

      I’m going to see him in Stuttgart this June!

    2. I saw him a couple of years ago at the Albert Hall in London. It was a fantastic show, the one described in this article, and I was lucky enough to meet and chat to him as he got off the tour bus. A show to remember!

  2. Why the hell were you surprised?
    Kris is and always has been a major talent who understood “Christianity” better than most.

  3. Perfectly written review! Your description is a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary singer, songwriter and man, such a Legend!

  4. He was in Kansas City, MO recently and I felt the same as you. He stood on the stage and simply sang his songs for two hours and mesmerized the audience especially me! I loved it

  5. I think Kris and his music are the best. I would love to see him but can’t go much because of health issues. I listen to his music daily.

  6. This man ,musician,poet ,talented human has been a favorite of mine for at least 40 yrs,he speaks honesty,joy,sorrow and experience in all the music he gives us,Thank you, Chris Kristoffeson,for making my world a better place to be with your God given talent.

  7. Kris Kristofferson. Is my Hero
    I first saw him in Dublin at the RDS almost forty years ago He was singing whit his group at the time the Borderloards. It was the best concert I was ever at. I have been lucky enough to meet him a few times and he seemed a true gentleman. Happy Birthday and God Bless You
    Kris. Kristofferson from one of your many Irish fans. Peace and Love. Ger.

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