SONG REVIEW: Martha Ffion – Doing More Than Making Do

Martha Ffion’s new release on Turnstile Records, “We Make Do,” is a truly delightful track with evoking truth. Its melodic piano melody catches the listener’s ear like a sweet aroma. The lyrics are built around a startling truth that many, if not all, harbor everyday.

New music review, Martha Ffion

“We Make Do” has a simple instrumentation mixed with lyrics of staggering reality. We are met with Ffion’s soft and lush voice, to find that she is sympathizing bitter realism of striving with the world’s idea of making do.

Ffion sings this song as a bystander looking in. She offers hope in a world with inaccurate perceptions. She does not speak this message as one of shame, but of reality. “We Make Do” is about the smile we all put on as we walk out the door, whether we mean it or not. We strive to satisfy the societies’ norms,

The vocals on this track don’t strike you as relevant today, yet they are in the past, present, and future, full of varying hues. Ffion’s vocal style spans time, fitting in with the best folk singers of the 1960’s, while finding a perfect home in today’s singer/ songwriter world. Her vocals are soft and nurturing, yet the conviction she portrays, challenges the norm.

New music review, Martha Ffion

We get all this from one single. What’s next?

The first single off of Ffion’s new album in 2018 is “We Make Do.” This album will serve as Ffions first full length album, following a 5-track EP she released in 2016. The album will largely focus on Ffion’s thoughts on what it means to be “good.”

Although this is ironic, because this single is far from good, it’s excellent. If this is just a swath of color from her upcoming album, we are in for a great painting.



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