Vinyl Music Review: Eddie Money, No Control – It’s All in The Lyrics

Eddie Money, No Control, Vinyl Album

I do not recall when I bought Eddie Money’s, No Control. I have had this record for a few years, but I have never listened to it. To be honest, the reason I bought it was for the cover. Not many men can pull off pink and still have an edge. It is time for a full Eddie Money No Control review. 

Eddie Money Vinyl, No Control

Finally, I sat down and listened. I found the album to be quite reminiscent of my high school days or what I wish they were. High School was supposed to be One Tree Hill, The O.C., or Dawson’s Creek, right? This album revisits my days in a small town Oklahoma high school, but with a little embellishment.

Although, the message of Eddie Money’s, No Control i is not high school trauma, but his heavy bout with drug addiction. Money nearly killed himself due to an accidental overdose that left him using a walker for a period time.

The album opens with “Shakin.” This song charted at number 63 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Shakin” immediately pulls you in with 80’s rock/pop glory. It’s a classic and the accompanying video doesn’t disappoint. It is a 1980’s version of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On.”

Side A continues with “Runnin’ Away,” which is a perfect companion to “Hard Life.”  “Runnin’ Away” talks of a love that went to far, yet there was something you could not put your finger on, whereas “Hard Life” is self-explanatory. The former talks of a mutual struggle, whereas the latter talks of an individual’s struggle. I would love to hear the stories behind these songs and how they compliment each other.

Eddie Money Vinyl, No Control, Vinyl Album

Then there is “Think I’m In Love,” which I’m not going to cover, because we love it and its crazy addictive hook in full 80’s regalia.

Once I flipped the record, I felt things get personal. The beginning portion of the album spoke to my fantasized high school dreams, but the song “My Friends, My Friends” spoke to those memories today. This is the one “ballad” of the album. It talks of the past and the memories you had with friends. Whether the memories are “happy” or “sad,” you still look back on them fondly with a bittersweet nostalgia. This is my favorite song off the album.

The album closes with the story song “Passing By The Graveyard (Song for John B)” and “It Could Happen to You.” “Passing” initially sounds like an upbeat tune, but the lyrics dive deep into alcohol, addiction, and depression and how it affects the most important relationships. “It Could Happen To You” is the epitome of small town love, with the heartache of jealousy, disappointment, and betrayal.

The key to this album is the lyrics. The stories of pain and addiction are woven into a perfect 80’s pop/rock album topped with classic videos from MTV’s golden age. Through Money’s writings and vocals on this album he proves how having no control is equivalent to losing control. Don’t let the musically perfect 80’s package fool you, it’s all in the lyrics.

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