PLAYLIST: #JusticeForJanet

To be blunt, I think it is wrong that Justin Timberlake preformed the Super Bowl half-time. Don’t get me wrong, I like Justin Timberlake and think he is one of the most innovative modern artists, but I don’t understand how Janet Jackson gets blacklisted from not just the Super Bowl, but Hollywood in general because she “flashed” her boob during the halftime show.

In the end, we have to remember, Justin ripped the costume. If we are going with the “it was planned conspiracy,” it’s both of their faults.

I think Bette Midler said it best:

In celebration of Janet and everything a superstar is meant to be, I am compiling my favorite Jackson songs….during the Super Bowl.

1. “Together Again”

My first Janet Jackson album was Velvet Rope. I bought it my senior year in high school. My cousin is a huge Janet fan and she had always told me to buy this specific album. The album hooked me from the beginning, but when I made it to “Together Again,” it was the hook, line, and sinker.

2. “Control”

The “Control” era of Jackson’s career cemented her as a superstar. I’ve always related to this song and respected her for recording it. While many of the Jackson family seemed to stay under the families musical thumb, she decided to be different.

3. “Come on Get Up”

I don’t want to stick with just Jackson’s hits. After I really began to get into Janet’s career, I purchased her concert DVDs. The way she entered the stage and commanded the attention of every attendee during her “All For You” tour proved her star power.

4. “Rock With U”

This song came out my senior year of high school. This was her second single off of Discipline, one of three albums she released after the Super Bowl that was perfect R&B/ Pop, but due to the sexist nature of pop culture, they were not a hit. “Nipplegate” blacklisted these albums. Her material during this time isn’t her best, but is worth a listen…..many listens.

5. “That’s The Way Love Goes”

And what’s a Janet Jackson playlist without “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Nothing can be said about this song…it’s simply the best (***Cue Tina Turner).

So as I sit here and watch the Super Bowl, I have been trying to converse with everybody my displeasure for the halftime show. It turns out that everybody at the party is actually into the game. Odd. I’ve always watched it for the Half Time Show.

In the end, it’s time for a full apology to Janet from the NFL. She has more than paid the price and has apologized. It’s time to let the vendetta go, deal with the sexism that still exists, and give Janet one of the biggest stages in music history.

And most importantly: #TimesUp

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