INTERVIEW: Dave Barnes Chats Christmas Traditions + Big Goals for 2019

It’s almost Christmas! That means it’s almost time for A Very Merry Christmas with Dave Barnes. The annual Schermerhorn Symphony Center show has become a tradition for Music City. 

Recently, Nashville Noise sat down with Barnes to talk about this show, some of his favorite Christmas destinations and his goals for 2019…

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PLAYLIST: 5 Songs The Spice Girls Must Perform, From A Spice Boy’s Perspective

May 31st 1998 was one of the darkest days in the history of history. Millions of people lost what they wanted, what they really really wanted. Those dark times are now over. All you need is a passport, airfare, and directions to Wembley Stadium.

As we know from every 90’s kid, teenager, mom, and dad rejoicing, the Spice Girls are reuniting. Although Posh will not be joining, four is better than none, and hell, Sporty was always my favorite. For me, just seeing them sitting together again is surreal.

Now I was a fan when I was a child, but I wouldn’t say obsessed, I just highly respected them. I’ll just say it; I’m an unashamed Spice boy. They’re still on my Spotify playlist and I might still watch Spiceworld from time to time. I may also have a detailed ranking of each lady, but let’s save that for another article. And yes, there may have been a poster or two…..

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INTERVIEW: Boys Called Susan, A Raw and Authentic Beginning

There is something about rural America. It runs through us all. It’s where our heritages began as Americans.

The qualities of rural America are simple and universal. These qualities include dignity and authenticity to despair and pain. Rural America is beautiful, raw and real. That’s where the story of Boys Called Susan starts. Boys Called Susan is two cousins, Bryan Russo and Christopher Shearer. Both are seasoned musicians but haven’t worked cohesively together up until their debut album, Pennsyltucky….

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