PLAYLIST: Weekly Rotation, Episode 1

Every week I am overwhelmed by the number of “new music” playlists that come out on Friday. This is for three reasons.

1.) I listen to a lot of music and most of the time it isn’t a new release, but it is new to me.

2.) Some weeks I’m just lazy and listen to old and current favorites. Sometimes it’s nice to be home.

3.) There is such a LARGE amount of music released each Friday. I used to visit Wal-Mart or the local CD shop when I was younger (on Tuesdays) and could get a grasp of all new releases by looking over a few shelves.

So I wanted to put together a list of the five albums that I have listened to in the last week. Some were released a few months ago, some decades ago, but they are all in my current rotation. I hope many of them are new to you! I thought it would also be a good idea to release this list on Monday to stick it to the man.

Here is the inaugural list of Vinyl Culture’s Weekly Rotation. Let’s hope I stay disciplined to do this every week.

1. Taylor Carson, After The Tamer Has Gone

I was recently introduced to Carson through HAUS Music + Sound. Everybody had raving reviews, and I had been asked to write an article over the album. I have to say, it may be one of the best tasks I’ve ever had. On Saturday I attended one of his house concerts, and I have to say, he’s just a solid guy. Check out my interview and review with Taylor here.

Stand Out Tracks: “Sonic Boom,” “Josephine,” “Fix”

2. Griffin AnthonyRefugee

If you are my friend or have remotely read my blog, you know my admiration for Griffin Anthony. His latest release, Refugee, has a new message every time I give it a spin. His soulful, southern-tinged vocals mixed with his abstract, yet defined lyrics always incite a new discovery.

Stand Out Tracks: “Two Americans,” “River,” “1954”

3. Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan

It’s back to the basics. In my vinyl collection, I have quite a few Dylans. I decided to play his debut from 1962. Reading the liner notes were fascinating. They spoke of this “bright new face” in folk music and how Dylan “never thought he would shoot lightning through the sky in the entertainment world.” Everybody was once new on the scene, and it was interesting thinking about a young Dylan just starting his career.

Stand Out Tracks: “Talkin’ New York,” “Man of Constant Sorrow,” “House Of The Rising Sun”

4. Samantha Crain, Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

I purchased this record last year, and it has been in constant rotation since. The album is magnificently written and placed together. Crain’s lyrics are exquisitely crafted and her story-telling abilities rival the greats. When I’m in doubt of what to spin, this album usually makes its way to my turntable.

Stand Out Tracks: “Elk City,” “When You Come Back,” “Moving Day”

5. Neil Diamond, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

I didn’t know I had a soft spot for Diamond until recently. For a few days, I went on a blitz of his music. This album was my favorite. It just seems to capture Diamond in his prime as both a performer and writer.

Stand Out Tracks: “The American Popular Song,” “Forever In Blue Jeans,” “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”

For this week, the theme must be singer/songwriter. Each of these artists has a unique way of designing a lyric and that captures me. I don’t fault any singer for not being a songwriter, but there is just a little extra something when one sings their own words. They portray pure truth, which is something I’ve been actively searching for lately.

**Cover Art Credits:Taylor Carson, courtesy of Anthony, courtesy of Dylan, courtesy of Crain, courtesy of Diamond, courtesy of Discogs


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