PLAYLIST: Weekly Rotation, Episode 2

Last week was a weird one. I didn’t get to listen to a lot of music for pleasure. To be honest, I’m still hooked on Taylor Carson’s album After The Tamer Is Gone featured on last weeks “Weekly Rotation.”

But since there is no real structure to the Weekly Rotation, I’ll just give you the top 5 music takeaways from my world. It’s a little singer/songwriter, a little soul, and a little pop.

1. Eden Espinosa, Bed for 2 Music Video

Technically this isn’t an album, but one of my favorite artists, Eden Espinosa, released her debut video for “Bed for 2” on Saturday. The video is stunning as Espinosa emits raw emotion. She takes music to the next level.

2.  David Berkeley, Cardboard Boat

Last week I was introduced to David Berkeley’s Cardboard Boats. I’ve only had the chance to soak in this album once, but I know I am returning. As I researched Berkeley, I found his artistry is profound and vast. I look forward to listening to his new EP, the politically infused, The Faded Red and Blue. There will be future articles on his work on Vinyl Culture.

Stand Out Tracks: “Cardboard Boat,” “Wishing Well,” “Dinosaurs and Sages”

3. Diana RossDiana Ross

This week marked the diva’s 75th birthday! She had a special Diamond Jubilee show in Hollywood. I would have died to have attended, but I have tickets to see her later this year at Radio City. This is Ross’ first solo album, and it was the first album I ever wrote a review for! Click here check it out. This album never gets taken out of my rotation.

Stand Out Tracks: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “I Wouldn’t Change The Man He Is,” “Keep An Eye”

4. The Everley Brothers, The Golden Hits of the Everly Brothers

I’ve been acquainted with The Everly Brothers for a while, but last week “Cathy’s Clown” took a back seat. They have some bitter break-up songs that really pull your heartstrings, yet there’s a few that portray a revengeful side. Like the title suggest, their golden.

Stand Out Tracks: “Crying In The Rain,” “I’m Not Angry,” “Ebony Eyes”

5. Emily ChambersMagnolia EP

I discovered Emily Chambers on Instagram a while back. Her voice is a lesson in soul. She embraces everything that makes soul music great, yet she makes it modern without being manufactured. She is going to make waves.

Stand Out Tracks: “Jumpstart My Bones,” “Love Lost Box”

I always try to find a message in my music journeys. I’m not sure what this week says. There are so many amazing artists out there yet to discover, yet sometimes you just have to listen to those who feel like home. I’ll go with that…


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