‘Twas Like a Breath of Spring

FullSizeRender 8My music ADHD has been working overtime lately. I am currently listening to a Judy Garland box set I found a while back at Trolley Stop Record Shop in OKC, but I just finished listening to Courtney Barnett. Those artist aren’t in the least bit comparable.

Garland is a long time musical friend of mine. I often cite her as my ultimate favorite singer and that is mostly true. I found this box set of her recordings she made for Capitol. One never knows what recordings they will hear on these sets! She made so many studio and live recordings of songs. Any vinyl find of hers is a treasure trove full of Garland.

Then I have Courtney Barnett. I recently found the 1st addition of her debut album, Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit. The 1st edition vinyl is orange and some came with a slipmat (I was blessed to find one). She had been listed on many “best albums of 2015” lists including Pitchfork’s. Naturally, she struck my interest.

IMG_2141I enjoyed Barnett’s album more than I thought I would considering I usually listen to everything pre 80’s. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is still good music being released today. Barnett’s voice and style is intriguing. She is completely original, yet I find her to posses a mixture of Joan Jett and Karen O. There will be more to come on this album.

Lastly, between all my other random choices, I have been consistently listening to Jody Miller. As one of my good friends says, “Jody is a songs best friend.” I have been experiencing that over and over again. Her album, There’s a Party Going On, really has me hooked at the moment. This album contains her Billy Sherrill produced hits, “There’s a Party Going On,” “To Know Him is To Love Him,” and her duet with Johnny Paycheck, “Let’s All Go Down to The River.”

Although these are favorites, my ultimate favorite off this album is her rendition of “Delta Dawn.” Did you know she recorded it before Tanya Tucker? Her version is very different, but it would have been a huge hit. As I listen to Miller more I notice how she is the “original original.” She is a legend that goes underappreciated.


So spring has been good to me so far. I’ve made new friends while continuing to get to know old ones. Who knows who will pop up next?

Did I mention I’m also into Alice Cooper at the moment too?

A Spring Record Haul…In January

Today I went out to a few record shops here in Oklahoma City, where it is 74 degrees! I haven’t taken a look at these stores in at least a month or more. I have been striving to save money and listen to what I have, yet that never satisfies us vinyl collectors does it?

I mean food, rent, or vinyl? I think the obvious answer is vinyl

I did sacrifice today though. Instead of keeping the vinyl I don’t like I took it back for trade in. I didn’t get nearly the amount I paid for them in the first place, but I’d rather somebody enjoy them then collect dust on my shelf.

IMG_1789I made my first stop at Guestroom Records. This is where I found the Tina Turner 1980’s compilation. It’s clearly an 80’s press trying to capitalize off of her Private Dancer success. I can never resist a Turner album I don’t have, even if it is merely a compilation.

Next I made a stop by Monkey Feet Music. They are a newer store here in the OKC metro, but I am quickly finding them a force to be reckoned with. I always find nice clean vinyl there and Chris, the owner, is always looking out for my favorites and suggesting new favorites. This is where I found my nearly mint David Bowie Let’s Dance, Cher’s disco infused Take Me Home, and The Judd’s first mini LP.

Sadly there is so much music and so little time. Out of my 1100 records I did not anything by David Bowie, but I have been listening to him constantly on Spotify at work. I think I have committed a music and vinyl sin not listening to him until now. May he rest in peace and his music live forever.

Lastly, I made a stop at my always favorite Trolley Stop CQYNQG0VAAAWC98Record Shop. I have been frequenting this store for a few years now and the owner, John, is a record genius. When you shop in there you find great records and get a great conversation. He is nearly an expert in musicians from Oklahoma. This is Where I found Dusty Springfield’s Custom Deluxe (A Japanese Import!) and Oklahoma’s own Lee Hazlewood’s, Houston.

Now I just have one problem. I have a friend’s birthday party tonight. Now I know I should be looking forward to this, but I really just want to sit at home and listen to all my new music. The struggle is real.

I guess I need to be a normal 25-year-old for a little while. Have a great day vinyl world and please let me know what you are spinning!

What’s in the Box? (Third Man Vault 21)

In late June I was notified that my Vault subscription had charged my bank account for the forthcoming package. At that time, the contents of the package had not been disclosed so anticipation was high! Since moving to D.C., I am somewhat restricted in record shopping avenues (read: I don’t like to walk more than 1 mile away from a metro stop) so I am very glad to have the Vault subscription to add collectible titles to my record collection.

After 5 long months, my Vault 21 package finally arrived. (We can thank over-demand of record pressing plants for the long turn-around). According to Third Man, the package would include a Third Man Flag, an exclusive White Stripes live album recorded in Japan and a new Dead Weather single and B-side. Third Man album packaging is always a treat so let’s see what’s inside! (SLIDESHOW)

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A Bittersweet Haul

Today started out quite early for a Saturday. I woke up around an odd 7:40 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided what any young person would decide to do when they wake up that early on a Saturday…..go garage/estate sell exploring!

photo 2As vinyl collectors well know, you can find some of your brightest gems digging through someone’s old record collection. Often times, the sellers find them worthless and just want to get rid of them. One time I found them for 10 cents a piece.

Disappointedly, this time I did not find any good sales. So I decided to visit a flea market over in Midwest City, a few miles from OKC, to explore. I remembered from previous visits that there were two exceptional vinyl booths and each vendor loved making deals.

Sadly, they were really willing to make really good deals today. Tomorrow is the last day the flea market will be open, then it will shut its doors. I am upset they are closing down, but I sure did love the great deals I got on around 40 new records.

photo 1I found vinyls from all over the spectrum. Everything from Ella to Loretta to Ray and Belafonte. I was able to find an album of many of my favorites. I was especially excited to find a new Diana Ross and The Supremes, Eydie Gorme, and Herman’s Hermits.

I also found new favorites, including Connie Francis and Brenda Lee. I found both “Connie’s Greatest Hits” and “Jealous Heart.” Her voice is so pure and vulnerable, yet it has shelves of strength. After doing some research, I found that she has quite the inspirational story. She was the first female international pop star.

I was taken aback by Brenda Lee’s album “All Alone Am I.” She sang some of my
favorite standards including “By Myself” and “Come Rain or Come Shine.” This album took a complete turn around to what you would commonly hear Brenda Lee sing.

photo 3And I can’t forget one of my favorite Okies, Ms. Reba McEntire (Sadly all Wanda Jackson’s I found I already had)!!

It was a great record haul, but I am saddened that it will be my last trip to the Golden Goose Flea Market. I have found some great vinyls out there and it’s always sad to see a business close. But on the bright side, at least I was able to save money by going out there today…….or is it the other way around…..


January’s Top Five Picks

I have decided to provide you with my musical summary for this month. It contains some new vinyl as well as old. This is basically what I have been spending the most of my time listening to this month. I’m finding that it is quite an eclectic selection.

1. Buddy Holly, The Story of Buddy Holly and The Great Buddy Holly

This month I read a biography over Buddy Holly entitled Not Fade Away by John Gribbin. ThisMI0001766933 book touches very briskly on the surface of Holly’s career, but it has really sparked my interest. I have had these two records for awhile and had not listened to them before. I also learned many interesting facts about Holly from the documentary The Real Buddy Holly Story. It was produced by Paul McCartney after The Buddy Holly Story movie came out but was filled with inaccuracies. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CwnEdqkNaY.

2. Rosanne Cash, The River and The Thread

Rosanen-Cash-The-River-The-ThreadThis album was released just a few weeks ago on January 14th. It has quickly become one of my favorite albums. Rosanne and her husband, John Leventhal, wrote all the songs on the album. The songs are intended to be third person narratives over their travels throughout the south while Rosanne was helping the University of Arkansas restore her father’s childhood home. With my highest regards, I suggest this album.

3. Michael Jackson and The Jacksons, Bad and Victory

In my previous post I mentioned finding a vintage picture disk of The photo 1Jackson’s Victory. It’s a bit addicting. It sounds like a relative of Michael Jackson’s Thrillerbut it’s not nearly as Epic. After listening to this album I had to bust out my favorite Michael record, Bad. It just doesn’t get much better then “Dirty Diana,” “Just Another Part of Me,” and “Bad.”

4. Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose

This album has also quickly become one of my favorite albums. I find something new about it every time I listen to it. Jack White amazes me how he can resurrect artists, keeping both their tradition and updating them to today.  Read my full review here:

A Bouquet, https://vinylvortexok.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/a-bouquet/

5. Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, A Star is Born

A+Star+Is+Born+Barbra+Streisand++Kris+KristofIt’s obvious if you follow the blog, that I have been listening to this album lately. I just wrote a full review. To be honest though, I’m not a fan of the whole album. My favorite tunes are “The Woman in The Moon” and Streisand’s finale. Just scroll down a story and you can find my full opinion.

Honorable Mentions: The Beatles, Jan and Dean, and Anita Bryant.

This is what has been spinning on my turntable this month. How about yours? Please let me know what you’ve been listening to in the comments!

Spinnin’ and Spinnin,’


Weekend Record Finds . . . Last Weekend

Last weekend I made my rounds at local record shops and flea markets. I’ve become more and more picky about what I will purchase so I’ve actually been saving a lot of money lately, but this weekend I found some pretty interesting finds. It made me want to visit Gary, Indiana.

My first find came at a flea market over in Midwest City. I don’t make my way over to photo 1this area often, to be honest it was only my second time visiting this market. There are a couple decent record booths and I decided it had been long enough for them to turnover enough for there to be new vinyl.

In their “New Arrivals” bin there were a substantial amount of picture discs. I am a sucker for picture discs. It was a tough decision between the Barry Manilow and Jacksons record, but they eventually won the Victory. The Jacksons released victory in 1984 under the Epic label. I didn’t notice this at the time of purchase, but there are actually 6 Jacksons on the cover. After a little research, I found that this is the only record where all 6 Jackson brothers are included.

This album was a hit, but it had a contentious background. The brothers, who hadn’t work together in years and had significant solo work (Michael had just released Thriller), hit some traction in the decision making process. That is why all the album art is done by an artist. No Christmas cards went out from the Jackson family that year.

photo 3After leaving the flea market I decided to visit The Rink in Bethany. They always have a good record selection, their just not organized well so you have to have quite a bit of free time to get through the bins. I did not find any success in the bins, but I decided to give the rest of the antique store a look. While I was looking through their glass cases I found an interesting “Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5” greatest hits picture disk!

I quickly asked to see it. The album is comprised of the signature Jackson 5 hits. But the picture disc was not the only treat in this package. It also came with a foldout poster and, more importantly, a glove! I couldn’t resist this Motown gem, although I had every song off the album. You just don’t get a new dancing glove with every record purchase. My last dancing glove had just worn out and now I had found a two for one special!

Spinnin’ and Dancin,’


RECORD HAUL: Vintage Clash

While everyone is clamoring for their newly re-released editions and The Clash Hits Back, I’ve been on the hunt for vintage The Clash albums. A few months back I found London Calling, and today I found Combat Rock, complete with the shrink wrap intact at Trolley Stop Record Shop. I am still on the hunt for their self-titled album. After my first successful record sell-back at Guestroom, my day’s haul was completed with The White Stripes’ Elephant. Photos below.

unnamed-2 unnamed


What did you buy this weekend? Have you sold back records before?