Vinyl Culture is a music blog that covers many genres of music, new and old. Vinyl Culture covers country, jazz, soul, pop, rock, and R&B music. Not all the music is on vinyl, but all the music deserves this medium.

music blogTo say a lot of music has been made since recording began would be an understatement. Culture surrounds vinyl pressings. Singers had to be performers and there were not many corners to cut. Vinyl Culture’s intent is to shed light on these magnificent performers of the past, while citing current performers that embody this same culture today.

Vinyl Culture is more than a vinyl blog, it is a blog about music and musical performers that embody talent. Today, many performers are “manufactured” & “robotic.” It’s obvious that the quality of music and performers has fell below the mark from the late 1990’s. Vinyl Culture, a music blog, aims to find those performers today, both famous and upcoming.

Vinyl Culture will always strive to find the best musicians from years past and present.